At Invictus Boston, unlimited membership means you have access to over 230 classes per week, including Beginner Classes, Fundamentals, CrossFit, Beginner Weightlifting, Weightlifting, Endurance Training, Gymnastics, and more.

Membership only requires a three-month commitment (billed monthly). After your first 90 days, your membership switches to a month-to-month contract, so members aren’t burdened with a long-term contract.

Our members are allowed to take one class per day, and we are open seven days per week. Our variety of programs enables athletes to mix and match their training so they can access their full potential on the road to becoming healthy and fit.

In addition to our programs, members also have full access to our six locker rooms, 26 showers, spa amenities, physical therapy and chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, one-on-one coaching and goal setting, and more.

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