Dan KraheCoach

Dan first became fascinated with strength sports as a child and started lifting weights when he was 15. After discovering CrossFit at 18, he dove head-first into teaching himself everything he could about physical development. He’s a self-taught athlete, but thanks to instant access to information, he has molded himself after his personal heroes.

Although CrossFit is not always perfect in practice, Dan believes fundamental principles are incredibly sound and fell in love with the philosophy behind CrossFit: Use the best means at your disposal to become as physically well-rounded as possible and constantly demand more from your mind and body. Dan embraces this principal by pushing through workouts to be the strongest version of himself, and he loves seeing members do the same. He believes that when individuals become more confident in the gym, they become more confident in other parts of their lives and begin to meet the world’s challenges head-on.

Dan’s favorite movements are loaded carries, particularly the front-loaded Zercher sandbag carry, as it’s a test of raw strength and helps people learn to keep their bodies safe under heavy loads.

Outside of the box, Dan thrives on learning new information by listening to podcasts and enjoys watching a good film or laughing at a stand-up comedy sketch. He studied furniture design in college and built furniture professionally, and despite never liking furniture, he can discuss it for hours on end.


  • CF-L1
  • BA – Furniture Design, Rhode Island School of Design