2018 Invictus Boston Internal Throw Down

Hi Athletes……

Saturday, October 27th 2018 starting at 9am sharp will will be holding our Internal Throw Down at 209 Columbus Ave.   For the 1st time ever we will have 2 divisions, Male and Female. Both divisions will have 2 WODs with the top 5 from each division making the finals for a last WOD that counts for double the points.  If you have not received a team announcement from me please email me at bern@invictusboston.com


The WODs are…….


Randy Watson”

150 Wall Balls

150 Burpees to a plate

Male Division 30/20/14 lbs Medicine Ball

Female Division 20/14/10lbs Medicine Ball

Each medicine ball has to used for 50 reps




“The Sunken Place”


Athlete 1 does 21 15 9

Calorie Bike

Kettle Bell DeadLift

Athlete 2 does 15 12 9

Calorie Bike

Russian Kettle Bell Swing ( Kettle bell is swung to chest level with arms extended)

Athlete 3 does 12 9 6

Calorie Bike

American Kettle Bell Swing (arms fully extended with kettle bell locked out over head)

Female Division uses a 35lb Kettle Bell

Male Division uses 53lb Kettle Bell


When all 3 team members are done whatever time remains athletes will do as many calories on the AirDyne until the 13 minute mark.  Athletes must switch every 10 calories.  This WOD will have 2 separate scores…one score for the completed couplet and one score for the amount of calories biked.


We ask that you reach out to your teammates before hand and try to use open gym times to go over strategy and costumes.  Prizes will to the best costumes, winners of each WOD, top 3 teams each divisions, and other miscellaneous prizes will be given.  Invite anyone you want to watch or support.

Any questions please reach out to bern@invictusboston.com if any questions or if you signed up to compete and have not heard from me.


“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go togeether.”

Haitian Proverb


Bern K. Prince




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