Bay State Games Barbell Work 5.5.14

Barbell Work for Week of 5.5.14

monica olsson

  • Day 1: Monday Strength Class
  • Day 2: Wednesday Strength Class
  • Day 3: Thursday Strength Class
  • Day 4: Barbell patterning (below)

Barbell Patterning This Week

Front squats — 3 sets (this is additional squat work ONLY IF your Power clean > your full squat clean)

  • Set 1 = 3RM from last week + 5#
  • Sets 2 and 3 = 3 reps @ 90% of Set 1

Snatch and Jerk work ~20 minutes (All with EMPTY BAR unless stated otherwise)

  1. Tempo behind-the-neck strict press (10 seconds to press up, 10 seconds pause at top with active shoulders, 10 seconds to lower down): 3×4
  2. Overhead squats: 3×10 (at this point these should be getting automatic)
  3. Press-unders (snatch grip): 3×10
  4. Sotts’ Press: 6-5-4-3-2 ascending weight (build to about 50-55% of your max Snatch)
  5. Push press + close-grip OH squat, 1+1: 3×10
  6. Press from split or press from squat (just like last week): 6-5-4-3-2 ascending weight (build to about 50-55% of your max Clean and jerk)

If you have specific questions on any of the movements, please email me at I would rather you ask questions than do this incorrectly!

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