Competition: August 4th Remaining WODs

Remaining WODs for RCFBB Internal Throwdown

As promised, listed below are the remaining events for the internal throwdown tomorrow. I have had a number of you contact me with concerns after I revealed the first WOD, but please resist the urge to back out of the competition or try and switch divisions last minute. You will NOT have these options in a regular competition, and my goal is to prepare you for what lies ahead while having a whole lot of fun with fellow members. We will cover all standards and questions at the athlete’s briefing tomorrow morning, but any urgent questions can be directed to me at

WOD 2/3


3 minutes to establish a 1RM clean and jerk

Rest 1 minute, then

AMRAP 3 of:

C2B pull-ups (RX MEN) OR pull-ups (RX WOMEN)

AMRAP 2 of:
Snatches (145/85)

AMRAP 1 of:

Reverse wall climbs



3 minutes to establish a 1RM shoulder-to-overhead off racks

Rest 1 minute, then

AMRAP 3 of:

Pull-ups (red band for SCALED MEN, blue band for SCALED WOMEN)

AMRAP 2 of:

Snatches (115/65)

AMRAP 1 of:
Plank push-ups

Before any of you even think about giving me a hard time for the snatch weight being so heavy, the snatch is meant to be a test that I believe many of you will fail. No offense, but I wanted the weight to be impossibly heavy to force you all to your limits and to show you that you are capable of far more than you think you are. That being said, the movement standards are as follows:

Score for WOD 2 is total weight successfully lifted. Score for WOD 3 is total repetitions across all of the AMRAPs.

Athletes will start with an empty bar, two collars, and a set of weights (2x 45#, 2x 35#, 2x 25#, 2x 15#, 2x 10#, and 2x 5# or 4x 2.5# plates) and will have 3 minutes to establish a 1RM clean and jerk or a 1RM shoulder-to-overhead off of racks depending on their division. If they need more weight than what is provided, they can use their judge to assist in obtaining it, but all athletes are responsible for loading their own bars. Any type of clean and jerk is acceptable, including but not limited to: power clean, hang clean (bar must start from the ground and be picked up), squat clean, squat clean thruster, clean into push jerk, or clean into split jerk. A complete repetition requires the athlete to reach full extension at the top with knees, hips, and arms fully extended; if a split jerk is performed, feet must be brought back together before lowering the barbell. After 3 minutes are complete, athletes will be given a one minute rest and bars will be moved off to the side by their judge. They then have 3 minutes to complete as many chest-to-bar/regular pull-ups as they can (or regular pull-ups with red/blue band if competing in the scaled division). Pull-up standards require the chest to clearly come in contact with the bar at the top (or chin to pass over the bar for rx women and scaled) and full extension of the arms at the bottom. Pull-ups may be strict, kipping, or butterfly. After 3 minutes, a call of “rotate” will be given and athletes will move on to their pre-loaded barbells. They then have 2 minutes to perform as many snatches as possible at 145/85 or 115/65 pounds respectively. Any form of snatch is acceptable (muscle, power, or squat) as long as the barbell starts from the ground and the athlete shows control at the top of each repetition with knees, hips, and arms fully extended. After 2 minutes, athletes will be given the final call of “rotate” and will move to their designated wall where they must perform reverse wall climbs (or plank push-ups for the scaled division) for the final minute. Athletes must start with chests on the ground and their chest must come in contact with the wall at the top of each repetition. Athletes must also lower themselves UNDER CONTROL for each repetition to be counted. For plank push-ups, both forearms being placed flat on the ground and the athlete then coming up onto both hands in the high-plank position constitutes one repetition.

WOD 4/5


Farmers’ walk relay

(40, 50, 70, 100# DB’s for men and 30, 40, 50, 70# DB’s for women)

Athletes will walk from the beginning of the stretching room to the end of the room, run back, grab the next set of DB’s, and repeat until all sets of DB’s have been moved across the room.

* 2 minute time limit for this event, then athletes will have 1 minute to complete max repetitions of:

L pull-ups on rings

Athletes will start standing behind the series of dumbbells in the stretching room. At the call of 3-2-1 go, the athletes will grab either the 30 or 40# DB’s (depending on division) and will perform a farmers’ carry to the other end of the room. After the DB’s have been set down UNDER CONTROL, athletes will sprint back and grab the next set of DB’s. They will continue in this fashion until they have carried the 70 or 100# DB’s to the other end of the room. After the final set of DB’s has been carried to the other end of the room, the clock stops only after athletes have successfully sprinted back and passed the starting line. If the DB’s are dropped at the end of the room instead of set down under control, athletes will perform a 1 burpee penalty before sprinting back. If they fail to do so, they will need to re-do the sprint down and back before picking up the next set of DB’s (or before clock stops if they did so on the last carry). In addition, a 1 burpee penalty will be immediately assessed any time the athletes set the dumbbells down between the starting line and finish line. There will be a 2 minute time cap for this event. After 2 minutes, athletes will then jump onto a set of rings and perform max L pull-ups on the rings. For ring pull-ups, the chin must clearly pass above the bottom of the rings and the L-sit position must be maintained for the entire raising AND lowering phase of the pull-up. Kipping is allowed for the L pull-up as long as the L-sit position is maintained through the entire pulling and lowering phase of the movement. If an athlete is unable to complete the farmers’ carry event in the 2 minute time cap, they will be given a partial score of the weight successfully carried plus a fraction of a point for which marker they reach on the next carry. Six cones will be placed at even spaces between the start and finish, and the athlete will receive a decimal point for the cone reached. For example, if a male RX athlete only carries the 100# DB’s to the third cone, their score would be 70.3 for the event. Athletes who complete the event will have an official time as their score, and athletes will be ranked accordingly. Score for the gymnastics skill event is total repetitions completed in the minute. Each event (the farmers’ walk and the gymnastics skill) will be scored separately.

FINAL WOD — The Chipper

* Only the top 6 athletes in each division will qualify for the Chipper

“31 St. James” For time:


31 Box jumps (24”/20”)

31 Pull-ups

31 Deadlifts (225#/135#)

31 T2B

31 Push jerks (135#/85#)

31 Burpees

31 Double-unders

31 Hang power cleans (95#/65#)



31 Box jumps (24”/20”)

31 Jumping Pull-ups

31 Deadlifts (155#/115#)

31 Hanging knee raises (above waist)

31 Push jerks (85#/65#)

31 Burpees

31 Double-under attempts

31 Hang power cleans (65#/35#)


Only the top 6 competitors from each division will compete in this workout, and it will be performed as ONE final heat. This is a chipper style workout meaning all repetitions of each exercise must be completed before moving on to the next exercise. At the call of 3-2-1 go athletes will begin their box jumps. Athletes will only have one barbell per station. Box jump standards require each athlete to jump and land with both feet, and athletes must stand tall on top of the box with hips and knees fully extended before coming off of the box. Rebounding off the top of the box is NOT ALLOWED, but athletes may rebound off of the floor back onto the box. Athletes are also allowed to step down off of the box if desired. Upon completing their deadlifts, athletes can immediately strip their weight to 135/85 or 85/65 (bars will be set up so that plates only need to be stripped and collars replaced), or they can wait to do so immediately before beginning their push jerks. Furthermore, after completing push jerks, athletes can strip their bar immediately to 95/65 (or 65/35) or wait to do so. The clock will stop when the athlete has completed their last hang power clean. On T2B, athletes must physically touch the bar with both feet, and the heels must pass behind the bar at the bottom of each repetition (for scaled division, knees must rise above the waistline, and heels must still pass behind the bar at the bottom). A rep is completed immediately upon contact of the feet with the bar, and athletes do not need to return to the bottom under control. The deadlift and hang power clean both require athletes to be fully upright with knees and hips locked out, and elbows must be visibly in front of the bar in the catch position of the hang power clean. For the hang power clean, a pause at the top of the deadlift position must be shown before cleaning the bar. A power clean from the floor will not count as a repetition. Push jerk repetitions are only counted once the athlete has stood up after receiving the bar in the overhead position with side profile of the face clearly visible between the arms. Standards for the pull-up are typical CrossFit standards, with the chin clearly passing over the bar and arms fully extended at the bottom. Strict, kipping, and butterfly pull-ups are all allowed. An athlete’s score is the total time required to complete the event, unless the athlete does not finish all exercises within the 20 minute time limit. If this is the case, the athlete’s score will be 20 minutes plus an additional second for each repetition that they did not complete.

Good luck to all competitors tomorrow and we look forward to seeing you all throw down. As I said before, I truly believe all of you are stronger and tougher than you give yourselves credit for, and these WODs were designed to bring out your best by pushing you all to your limits. Get a good night’s sleep, eat a good meal tonight and tomorrow morning, and most importantly, GET EXCITED!


Coach Justin 


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