Details On The Throwdown Saturday October 29th

Hey Yo……….

The details of the of  the Throwdown go as follows….

Email in the title Internal Throwdown then write your you full name, email address, gender, and if you are an a athlete or volunteer.  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SIGN UP (so a “Hey Bernsie I want to compete” doesn’t work)

Before putting your name make sure you don’t have any other events meaning brunch, niece or nephew birthday parties, 3rd cousins wedding, or any other activity from 9am to 2pm saturday October 29th

We as a staff will put together the teams.  There will be teams of 3.  ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME.  We are capping at 30 teams.  We are closing registration on Friday  October 14th.  We will announce Teams shorty there after.

We are also looking for sponsors, Vendors, startups, or anyone that wants to show product  that Saturday.  Any questions or concerns email

-Bern K. Prince



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