Have you been curious about CrossFit and what it’s all about, and maybe a little intimidated to try?

Don’t be scared off by the naysayers who think CrossFit is only for insane people, is too intense for the average Jane, or will give you bulging muscles. When done correctly, CrossFit is safe, supportive, and great for creating a fit body.

In addition, CrossFit is Fun! In fact, 60% of our community are women. We have a supportive environment with a mix of female and male trainers who focus on ensuring everyone is safe, enjoying their workouts, and progressing.

Why Women Choose Invictus Boston:

  • Small Class Sizes: We cap our classes to 10-14 members per class. This allows our members to receive personal attention and education during their workouts.
  • Weightlifting: We focus on building lean muscle and strength through weight training with not only barbells, but with kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, and more. Cardio workouts are great for burning calories during a workout, but weight training not only burns calories during lifting, but for several hours post-workout. It is awesome for your body!
  • Community Support: When you become a member of our community, you also become a member of our family. Our classes are for all levels of fitness, and no matter if you have been with us for one day or for one year, you will always feel welcomed and supported.
  • Endurance Training: Unlike typical bootcamp style workouts, our program is made up of thousand of various workouts that change every single day. In CrossFit, we say that “Routine is The Enemy.” Therefore, challenging your body through constantly varied workouts forces your muscles to continually tone and firm.
  • Nutritional Counseling: Many of your workouts are done in the kitchen! Our highly trained staff provides personal counseling to give you the guidance to create healthy eating habits that will fuel your body and keep you looking great.

“I love teaching our women’s classes and watching women empower themselves!”
-Jessa Lemoine, Head Coach


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