Invictus Boston Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are here and sometimes it can be tough to shop for the athlete in your life. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to make your holiday shopping just a little bit easier.

For The Caffeinated CrossFitter: Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer

For the athlete in your life who loves their morning coffee, make their life a little sweeter and a little healthier with Vital Proteins Collagen Creamers. Collagen has been proven to help strengthen, hair, teeth, and nails and this creamer by Vital Proteins makes getting your daily dose in a little easier. We personally love their Gingerbread Holiday flavor!

For The Athlete Who Trains Solo: FitRadio Subscription

For the athlete who hits the gym solo and spends their session with their headphones in, make their lives a little easier with a FitRadio subscription. No more wasting time putting together the perfect playlist for the gym. FitRadio gives you hundreds of hour + long mixes spun by Djs. Choose from a wide variety of genres from Rock to EDM, set your music and forget it, as FitRadio plays you a mix of your favorites.

For The Fitness Addict: Invictus Boston Gift Card

For the athlete who can’t get enough of their daily workouts, give them the gift of fitness this holiday season with a gift card to Invictus Boston. Email to get started. Gift cards can also be applied towards our nutrition program.

For The Athlete Always Ripping Their Hands: Victory Grips

For the athlete with constantly ripped hands, help them stay rip free this winter with Victory Grips! These grips were designed by gymnasts themselves to help CrossFit athletes grip stronger longer. Use code INVICTUS at checkout to save money on your next purchase.

For The Athlete Who Hates To Cook: NutreMeals Gift Card

Eating healthy can be hard, especially when it comes to meal prep. NutreMeals is a local Boston food delivery service that brings healthy meals straight to your door. No hassle, no mess, no forgetting to pack your lunch and having to hit the McDonalds drive-through.

For The Athlete Who’s Always Sore: Hyperice

Using percussion technology, Hyperice tools help you go deeper in your recovery to relieve sore muscles. Our personal favorite, the Hypervolt

For The Shoe Junkie: Invictus Metcon 5s

For the athlete who just can’t seem to have enough shoes, the Nike Metcon 5 are in our opinion, the most comfortable Nike Metcons yet. This versatile shoe is flat enough to support you on heavy lifts but flexible enough for you to run and jump without restriction.

For The Forgetful Athlete: Hylete Backpack

For the athlete who’s always forgetting their grips, tape, shoes, etc., give them a place to store their gear with the Hylete Icon backpack. This massive backpack gives you enough space to store all your accessories as well as anything else you might need.

For The Athlete With Sore Knees: Rogue Custom Knee Sleeves

We love knee sleeves to help during squatting movements and the Rogue Custom knee sleeves are a fun way to give your friend’s knees a little extra support. Choose any photo or logo to have printed on the sleeves.

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