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Dear Back Bay and Fenway,

I’m writing to you with some very exciting news. Over the last year or so, I set out to find a way to connect our Back Bay and Fenway communities under one brand name. It’s been extremely important to both myself and our coaching staff that our facilities operate in a similar fashion; and that begins with having the same name, look, and feel. After an enormous amount of time spent on rebranding efforts to accomplish this goal, we have finally decided on a name and brand that both gyms will fall under.

In the next few weeks, both Back Bay and Fenway will be rebranded as Invictus Boston. Some of you may recognize the Invictus name if you’re familiar with CrossFit gyms on the West Coast. This is a partnership that we’ve created with CJ Martin, the owner of Invictus Fitness, in San Diego. Over the last 10 years, CJ has created an amazing brand in the CrossFit industry, and has always put quality of coaching and programming first in the business he runs; just like we have done here in Boston! Together we have a goal to share best practices from our combined 17 years of experience in the fitness industry, in an effort deliver an even better performance-based fitness product to all of you.

The name Invictus is Latin for “unconquered” and is best known for its use in a poem written by William Ernest Henley in the late 1800’s. The poem invokes a message of displaying fortitude in the face of adversity, and concludes with the following verse:

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

This is the kind of message that I want our gyms to represent. Every single one of us at Back Bay and Fenway have goals and high expectations of ourselves in all aspects of our lives; especially our goals for our own fitness, which we all know are very difficult to obtain. What I love about the Invictus message, is that it will live at the gym, and act as a reminder to each and every one of us that we are both capable and responsible for achieving whatever goal it is we set out to accomplish.

So what exactly is going to change at Back Bay and Fenway?

  • The physical look and signage will turn over to Green, Black, and Grey.
  • We will have a new logo (see below).
  • Our apparel will be brand new and a lot of it will be Nike products (Nike is the official sponsor of Invictus Fitness).


What Will Not Change At Back Bay and Fenway?

  • Ownership. I am still the owner of Back Bay and Fenway and this is just a partnership/collaboration with CJ Martin & Invictus.
  • Our coaching staff. All of our coaches will still be here! They’re all very excited for our gyms to take on the Invictus name.
  • Schedule and classes. While there may be small tweaks here and there, mostly everything will remain the same.
  • Programming. One of the best things that will come out of this partnership is that our coaching staff is going to get to interact with San Diego’s coaching staff, to work on best practices in programming. Invictus San Diego will adopt things that we do, and we will adopt things they do; all in an effort to get you better results based on the programming we provide.
  • How you sign up for classes and billing system (MindBody).


The gist of all this is that except for some of the physical space changes that occur over the next few months, and the fact that we will have a new name, not much is changing from what you all feel and experience at the gym on a daily basis.
Our entire coaching staff, myself included, are all beyond excited for this move to become Invictus Boston. I hope all of you will be as excited and as proud as we are to make this move and stand behind what the name and message stands for.
If you have any questions, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me to set up some time to chat about this change.


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