Jackson Timm


I grew up in and around weight rooms, learning as much as I could from my dad’s cadre of meathead Navy friends. Training became a huge part of my life as I pursued wrestling through college. In college I found my passion for the scientific side of strength and conditioning. After college, crossfit became a huge part of my life as I prepared to enlist in the Marine Corps. I try to constantly educate myself about human movement, keeping up with the latest research, and seeking out information from top coaches in various fitness professions.

Away from fitness, I enjoy cooking, reading, and spending time outdoors.

Meet Coach jackson

When did you start coaching?

Why Invictus Boston?

Favorite Workout?

I first got into coaching while wrestling in college. I assisted our strength staff with a handful of teams. Didn’t find CrossFit until right after college. About a year later was my first endeavor coaching CrossFit.

Invictus provides the best product in the greater-Boston fitness space. The coaches are all knowledgeable, passionate, and care about being beacons of excellence in a profession rife with bad information and lackluster coaching.

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