Jenna Muri-rosenthal

Head Coach


I'm a former college athlete (basketball and softball) who found my way to CrossFit late in the game and fell hard. Outside of fitness, I'm a medical speech-language pathologist, a graduate professor, and a certified brain injury specialist with a passion for maximizing functional recovery through fitness. I love to travel and am always on the move. I rarely sit still and I love snacks. I have two dopey hound dogs who love exercise and food as much as I do, but have me beat in the laziness category.

Meet Coach jenna

When did you start coaching?

Why Invictus Boston?

Favorite Workout?

Three years into my CF journey, I joined the staff at JPCF where I coached for over a year and half before joining the team at Invictus. In addition to my L1, I am a Certified Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer and have my Gymnastics Certification.

From the coaches to the community, everything about this gym inspires. I love being a part of a dedicated and talented team who prioritizes health and wellness via fitness and beyond within the community each and every day.

I'm like an excited puppy when it comes to fitness. It's hard to find a workout that I don't like - the grosser the better! I love a WOD with a mix of barbell and gymnastics. Karen is probably my favorite benchmark, with Kelly a close second.