Keep Your Workouts On Track This Season

The holidays are here, which means travels and parties that can disrupt your normal workouts. But even with all the chaos, there are still a number of ways to get your fitness in while on the go. Keep reading to find our top five tips for keeping your fitness in check during the holiday season.

Hit A Home Workout

Burpees, situps, push-ups, and so much more can be all performed at home in infinite combinations! Grab a friend or family member, push the couches aside in the living room or your hotel room and hit a quick AMRAP. Having trouble coming up with rounds and reps? Click here to download the WOD Generator app, where you can select your movements and have them generate workouts for you!

Plan Ahead On Gym Locations

Scout out nearby gyms and boxes and call ahead to figure out their drop in policy. Once you’ve gotten the details squared away, it will make showing up for your workouts all that much easier. 

Hit Those Early Morning Classes

With all those holiday parties going down in the evenings, it can be tempting to skip your nighttime workout to give yourself some extra time after work. Avoid skipping your workout altogether by showing up for the early morning classes. You’ll feel more energized during the day and you won’t have to worry about rushing from your 4:30pm workouts to your work’s annual holiday party.

Find Other Ways To Be Active

Even if you can’t find the time to drop in or hit a home workout, make the extra effort to find other ways to be active. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. Walk instead of Ubering or take a post-dinner walk. You’ll find that the little things will go a long way.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Too Much

It’s a tough time to stay on track, but don’t beat yourself up too much if you miss a workout here or there. Take advantage of this time to spend time with friends and family and don’t worry too much about your fitness.

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