Reasons Why The Scale Changes So Frequently

The scale isn’t everything So many people panic when they see increases on the scale on a day-to-day basis causing unnecessary anxiety and frustration. The scale is a tool and should be used as such – as information. Take the emotion out of it. We like to focus on a variety of factors that help you track your progress over time helping you stay consistent and patient.


How hydrated or dehydrated you are will affect the number on the scale and can fluctuate it either way.


Excess sodium can cause you to bloat and retain water causing you to see increases in the scale. Eating out frequently or eating more packaged foods are big components of this.


Eating more carbs than you would typically eat on a daily basis can cause you to retain more water, which might increase the number on the scale and vice versa. This is why you see an immediate dip on the scale when you try a low-carb diet.


Eating later in the day or larger meals, can cause food to be in your system longer and can contribute to a higher number on the scale.


Self-explanatory, but if you haven’t had a bowel movement yet, that waste will cause the number on the scale to be higher.


Important to note that everyone is different and each women’s cycle will have different effects on their bodies, but a lot of individuals can end up holding onto significantly more water a week or so before their period.

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