Team Back Bay CrossFit Games Update: The Final Day

The final day of Team Back Bay’s appearance at the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games went out with a bang. As the members of the Team Back Bay cheering squad yelled their hearts out and Team Back Bay members carried their teammates (literally) to the finish line, an incredible season for Team Back Bay came to an end.
The day started off like any other and ended with Team Back Bay becoming the 11th fittest team on earth, and continuing the legacy for the Reebok CrossFit Back Bay name. At 11:45am, Team Back Bay ran onto the field and completed 3 rounds of 250m partner carry and 18 burpees over 50 inch hay bales. The athletes were given a chance one last time to show their exceptional work capacity to the world as they sprinted around the stadium and jumped over towering bales of hay. The workout ended with an emotional finish as Tola leaped over the bales and sprinted into the finish to bring Team Back Bay’s second CrossFit Games appearance to an incredible end.
And so, just like that, 5 months later, the CrossFit Games season comes to an end. From the Open, to Regionals, and lastly the Games, Team Back Bay would like to thank every single member in the RCFBB and CrossFit Fenway communities who offered their unwavering support over the past 5 months. A season that began back in March with Friday night lights, where members gave up 5 Fridays to come in, workout, and cheer and support their fellow Team Back Bay members, and continued with regionals, where the Back Bay cheering squad made the 6 hour round trip to Albany to scream their hearts out for Back Bay to become the number one seed in the world. Finally, ending with an incredible appearance in Madison, Wisconsin where Team Back Bay and their cheering squad proved once and for all that Back Bay and Fenway make up one of the most passionate and incredible communities in CrossFit. So to our incredible community, we say thank you for these past 5 months from Friday Night Lights to representing us in your #hulksmash shirts both at home and in Madison. There is no comparison, nor enough thanks to give for the incredible support from both communities.
Another massive thank you also needs to be sent the way of Team Back Bay’s sponsors. From food to recovery, this season wouldn’t have been made possible without them. To Whoop for maximizing Team Back Bay’s knowledge about their recovery, to Paleo Power Meals for fueling them with the right nutrition, and New Balance for providing them with the right gear they needed to train. The list goes on and on, so be sure to check out the bottom of this post for links to see how you can train and recover like Team Back Bay with all their incredible sponsors.


And finally, to the man who made this all possible, the fearless leader of Team Back Bay who lead this incredible team to yet another Games appearance and a finish just outside the top ten, Josh Plosker, who has created and sustained the Back Bay legacy, which will thrive for years to come.

Special thanks also goes out to Erika Pearson and Sezza Gore for their pictures and videos throughout the weekend so we could keep you all updated on Team Back Bay, as well as the entire cheering squad who flew and drove to Madison, Wisconsin to support Team Back Bay.

While the Games may be over, this is hardly the end of the Back Bay legacy, in fact, it’s just the beginning. Be sure to stay updated with Team Back Bay as they charge headfirst into the 2018 season by following @teambackbay on Instagram and Liking them on Facebook! 2017 was just the start. Happy CrossFit Games season everyone! Here’s to an incredible 2018.

Team Back Bay Sponsors 2018

New Balance: (@newbalanceboston)
WHOOP!: (@whoop)
Paleo Power Meals: (@paleopowermeals)
Firefly Recovery: (@fireflyrecovery)
Xendurance: (@xendurance)
Mike and Patty’s: (@mikeandpattys)

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