Dan KraheCoach

Rockland, MA

Favorite Class to Teach and Why

I enjoy teaching Gymnastics and Weightlifting the most because the structure of those classes really allows for detail-oriented coaching and training. I love getting into the nitty-gritty with our members, and seeing them progress as the months go by!

Why Invictus Boston?

Our team cares. I revere my profession deeply, and feel as though it gives me the opportunity to be a strong, positive influence on the people I serve. This spirit of caring service is present at every level at Invictus Boston, and governs our direction as a facility. What truly makes us special is our combination of technical expertise, and this profound desire to serve others.

Brief “About You” Section

I used to make furniture professionally, but left that path to serve others. I love sports and performance, but I am a coach because I want to improve the lives of average people. I am a product of books, the internet, and life experience. I take pride in what I’ve been able to learn over the past several years, but feel as though I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s out there. I will continue to grow and learn about physical development because of the ability it gives me to serve myself and others.

When I’m Not Coaching I’m…

Reading, relaxing, or spending time with friends/family

  • Crossfit Level 1
Athletic Background
  • Started training at 15
  • Discovered CrossFit at 18
  • Self-taught and self-motivated, with no formal athletic background to speak of
  • Became a coach at 23
  • Most interested in Weightlifting, Strongman, and other strength sports
  • My greatest accomplishment in recent years has been helping my family get through tough times that they’ve had. At the moments that they needed me most, I was there to help in every way I could, and I’m quite proud of that.