The 2019 Invictus Boston Internal Open Part II

On October 11th, Invictus Boston will begin their annual tradition of hosting Friday Night Lights for the CrossFit Open. This year with a twist. While we have some amazing prizes lined up, the ultimate prize, is victory at the end of the 5 weeks.

Keep reading for more information on points and scoring and how to participate:


What Is The Open?

The CrossFit Games Open is an annual online competition run by CrossFit HQ that allows members of the CrossFit community to compete against each other on a global scale. Each Thursday at 8pm EST, CrossFit releases one workout that athletes have until Monday at 8pm EST to complete. The workouts are challenging and designed to test your skills, strength, as well as your mental fortitude. The workouts should take you outside of your comfort zone and also give you a chance to show how far you’ve come.


What Is The Invictus Boston Internal Open?

The Invictus Boston Internal Open is our own twist on the Open. It gives us a chance to come together as a community and have some fun on Friday night while pushing and challenging ourselves. This year, athletes will be assigned to one of two teams based on their InTouch coach (see below for InTouch coach assignments).

The two teams will compete for points throughout the Open. The team with the highest points at the end of the Open will be the victors. Below is an outline of the points and scoring system.

You can register here:


Overall, the base score for each team will come from the number of people registered (ie. if Team Green has 100 people registered, they start with 100 points).

Social Media Bonus: For each athlete who posts about the Open, on social media and uses the hashtag #invictusbostonopen2020, they will get 5 points with a maximum of 10 points per athlete per week.


Each week, there will be a total of 260 points up for grabs:

100 points for participation: This number comes from the % of athletes who attended Friday Night Lights

110 points for top finishes: 10 points for 1st place, 9 points for second place, etc. all the way down to 10th place, which will earn 1 point (men and ladies will be ranked separately, so 55 points for each division).

50 points for Open Score Submission: This number will be the percent of people remaining who did not attend FNL who submitted their scores for doing the workout divided by 2.


More FAQs:


What If I Need To Scale The Workouts?

No worries! The Open is designed for anyone who wants to participate, and each week, we will release the scaled version of the workout. Scaled athletes will receive a weighted score so they can still be included in the overall leaderboard. This ensures that if you need to perform some workouts scaled and some Rx, you will still be able to be included in the main leaderboard.

I Can’t Attend Every Friday Night Lights…Can I Still Participate?

Of course! While you can only earn attendance points by attending Friday Night Lights, you don’t have to attend every Friday Night Lights. Even just attending one or two Friday Night Lights will earn your team points. You can also still score points for your team by completing the workout over the weekend, as you will be included in the overall leaderboard and can score in the top ten.

I Just Started At Invictus Boston…Is The Open For Me?

Absolutely. The Open is for every single member of our community. It’s a chance to test ourselves and see where we are and how far we’ve come. Even if you’ve just started, the Open is a great benchmark to test yourself so that next year, you can see how much you’ve improved. If you’re hesitant, we recommend just signing up. It’s completely free and you have no obligation to attend the Friday Night Lights (though we highly recommend it).

Where Are Friday Night Lights Held?

Friday Night Lights will be held at whatever location you normally attend. 

Fenway: On Friday Nights, classes will be canceled from 4pm onward, with our Friday Night Lights starting at 4pm

Back Bay: On Friday Nights, classes will be canceled from 3pm onward, with our Friday Night Lights starting at 5pm.

Do I Need To Pay To Register?

No! Our Internal Open is completely free for our members. If you’d like to register for the CrossFit Games Open, you can do so by going to Be sure to use the tags #InvictusBoston and #InvictusMember when creating your profile. This will allow you to rank yourselves against other Invictus Members.


When Do I Have To Register?

You must register by Wednesday October 9th at 8pm to be included in all mailing communication and have your name listed on our Open leaderboard.

What Are The Team Assignments?

Fall 2019 Open Teams:

Team Black

Bern, Molly, Lindy, Tola, Steph, Cam, Brian, Melzar, Matt, Jessa

Team Green

Justin, Gino, Dan K, Kelsey, Maralene, Rob, Lunny, Emmy, Daigle

Still have more questions? Email or your InTouch coach with all your Open related questions.

Ready to sign up? You can sign up for our Internal Open here:

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