The Machine Man Triathlon

Throughout the month of February we will be hosting the Machine Man Challenge to raise money for the Travis Mills Foundation. You can participate virtually at any gym, in any place around the world. This challenge is meant to test the participants mentally and physically, providing a catalyst for internal growth and self-development that can only be achieved through hard work. The event is meant to provide a feeling of solidarity with our country’s wounded veterans who have endured the type of physical hardship most of us can never fully understand. In order to bring the event full circle, we had to find a foundation that embodied this sentiment.

The Travis Mills Foundation was founded by retired US Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills and his wife, Kelsey. They provide all-expenses paid trips to their camp in Maine for wounded veterans and their families. Their mission is to “support recalibrated veterans and their families through long-term programs that help these heroic men and women overcome physical obstacles, strengthen their families, and provide well-deserved rest and relaxation.” This foundation is grass-roots, much like this event, and all donations go directly towards helping them fund operations at the retreat. Our goal is to help them provide this amazing service to even more families in 2019.

The Machine Man Challenge is arduous, but there are a number of options should you want to get involved. This event is based around the famous Ironman Triathlon, using equivalent distances and times on the three Concept 2 machines. If you are tackling this event as an individual, you will complete:

15,000 meters on the Ski Erg

121,000 meters on the Bike Erg

42,195 meters on the Rower

Should you want to participate, but do not want to tackle the full event solo, you can form a relay team of up to four. You can switch off whenever you’d like, as long as you complete each machine before moving on to the next and as long as each teammate does an equivalent share of work. Lastly, there is a shorter, sprint version for those who want to engage in the spirit of the event but lack the fitness or time to do the full Machine Man:

1,500 meters on the Ski Erg

15,000 meters on the Bike Erg

3,000 meters on the Rower

To read more about the Travis Mills foundation:

To donate, or get more information on the event:

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