The Open Is Upon Us

Our second Open is 2019 is just days away and we couldn’t be more excited. The Open is the time of year when we push ourselves to new limits. We see how far we’ve come, but also how far we have to go. Our Internal Open here at Invictus Boston is our biggest community event of the year and we can’t wait to watch all our members showcase the skills and hard work they’ve put into their training this year. This week, we sat down with some of our coaches to have them talk about why you should do the Open.

“The Open is a great opportunity to grow closer with the larger community at the gym. The bonds you form with those in your classes are enhanced, and new relationships are formed as you get to work out alongside members you may not often see. The camaraderie and support is unlike any other time of year, and this extra boost may just allow you to accomplish things you never thought possible before!” -Justin Wright


“The Open is a great time for you to get together with your friends, cheer for each other on Friday nights, wear sweet outfits that you wouldn’t normally wear to classes and throw down on the SAME workout as most people in the world. The best part is that your coaches also suffer with you. So sign up, have a blast and let’s make some memories.” -Lindy Barber


“It’s your annual fitness test. A chance to measure your fitness progress over the years while having a blast with your training partners.” -Robert Mireless


“I usually hear the same response- “I’m not in good enough shape right now/yet to do that”. This isn’t always about rank or feeling 100%! It’s taking part in a community event and being in an environment to give yourself that extra push.” -Dan Trainor


Still on the fence about signing up? Just register and come on down to our first Friday Night Lights to see what it’s all about. Our first Friday Night Lights begins this week, starting at 4pm at Fenway and 5pm at Columbus. You can register to be part of our Internal Open here. Want to learn more about the Internal Open and how it works? Click here to read more.

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