The Sport of Fitness

By Bern Prince

This is an amazing time of year to be a sports fan! We have filled in our NCAA March Madness brackets, opening day for baseball is upon us, the Masters Golf Tournament is in full swing and the NBA playoffs are rapidly approaching. Many of you participated in the CrossFit Open, a sporting event that is especially important to those of us here at Invictus Boston. The Sport of Fitness, otherwise known as competitive CrossFit, has its Regionals coming up as well. 

Since this gym opened its doors in 2012 we have had an individual, or individuals on a team, competing in Regionals or the CrossFit Games. For those who don’t know, the CrossFit Games is the final stage of the season with only the top 5 men, women and teams at Regionals qualifying to compete. For the many of you who fought their way through hundreds of double-unders, heavy deadlifts, and handstand walks, you know that CrossFit can be a sport (and a difficult one at that!). Many of your classmates and coaches have helped carry the torch for Reebok CrossFit Back Bay and now Invictus Boston: Jessa, Brendan Ryan, Gino, Justin, Tola, Owen and Josh Plosker himself. This year is the wildest I have ever seen with 4 individual qualifiers and, potentially, 2 teams qualifying for the Regionals in May!

This article is not written as a means to brag about the gym, but instead as a way to create pride in the gym we work in and work out in! Now is the perfect time of year to become a fan of the Sport of Fitness. Whether you buy a ticket to the Regionals in Albany or you watch from your laptop between classes or work, spend some time watching the competition and cheering on those competing from our gym. Since these people are your coaches and, in some cases, your classmates, take the time to watch what they do.

It is easy to simply say, “that person is just extremely talented” or, “that person doesn’t have a job besides working out all day” but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. With these athletes, the attention to detail is superb: care is not just given to the WODs but also to mobility work, warm ups, hydration, sleep, and technique. As coaches, we understand that all of you have different fitness aspirations; whether you have one hour to take class or two hours to do competition training, attack all aspects of your day! Don’t gloss over anything, particularly the little things that you may not be paying enough attention to now. There are so many things that happen outside of the actual workout that can take whatever you are training for to the next level. Lastly, support your classmates, coaches and friends this season. Be a fan in May but, by this time next year, be a competitor!

To Keep Up With All The Team Invictus Action, Follow Their Instagram: @teaminvictusboston

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