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(NICE) To Have CrossFit Gear This Holiday Season

A gym member enjoys a free gift!

You can get by doing CrossFit with a sturdy pair of shoes and some workout clothes. That's it. It doesn't take much, but there are a couple of "nice" to have pieces of gear that can make your CrossFit experience more enjoyable and spark some excitement to visit the gym. We've outlined some of the most commonly used CrossFit gear here and give you a peek into what's on our coach's holiday wish lists!

CrossFit Trainers

CrossFit training shoes are a little bit different than your conventional gym sneakers. They usually have a flexible midsole and toe box for dexterity during box jumps, running, etc. but a flat, hard heel for stability while weightlifting. They are a good all-around shoe for the variety of movements that CrossFit employs. Some are thicker with more heel lift and structure while others are flatter with more flexibility. There is no perfect CrossFit shoe and it takes a bit of exploration to find the right one for you. Here are a few we recommend trying:

Gymnastics Grips

Gymnastics grips are used in CrossFit for two main reasons. One, they are designed to help you have a better grip on the rig. The “flap” on them, usually leather, is made to have a better stick than your hands. Second, they are designed to help save your skin! A grip will help prolong the life of your skin, and when used properly will all but eliminate blisters. As an added benefit, when used properly, they will also aid in your grip and help prevent fatigue from setting in so quickly. We recommend and stock Victory Grips. They have a great Grip Guide here to help you find the right grips for you!

Jump Rope

Things like jump ropes are height-specific and while many Crossfit gyms like ours have a variety of them on hand, it is convenient to have your own so you know one your size is always available to you. Having your own jump rope can also help you get in a workout outside the gym. It's a small piece of equipment that's easy to take on the road with you and can add some variety to your home workout routine. There are many jump rope brands out there in the space. We stock RX Smart Gear Ropes. Their sizing guide is a great starting point for finding the rope that works for you.

Weightlifting Belt

If you find yourself gravitating towards weightlifting, you may want to consider investing in a weightlifting belt. Weightlifting belts help you brace (activating your core muscles) more aggressively to maintain intra-abdominal pressure which stabilizes your spine during heavy lifts like squats and deadlifts. A stabilized spine means a lower risk of injury during heavy lifts. You also generally get a performance boost. It's not a shortcut around having to brace and learn how to lift properly, but a smart tool to enhance your lifting journey. We stock 2Pood belts at the gym and even carry Invictus belts!

Weightlifting Shoes

Much like a weightlifting belt, if you often find yourself with a barbell in hand, you might want to invest in a pair of weightlifting shoes. There are 3 reasons to wear weightlifting shoes. The lifted heel effectively increases the ankle range of motion, allowing a deeper and more upright squat position. The thin, hard soles absorb very little force, which means more of the force you produce goes into moving the bar. The relatively wide, square-edged, and hard soles create a more stable base. Here are several weightlifting shoes we recommend:

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps help support your wrists during movements that require a lot of wrist extension like barbell presses, front squats, and push-ups. We like the always great quality wrist wraps from Rogue Fitness. While they don't replace the need for mobility, they can help make lifting more comfortable. In a pinch, they can also act as a sweatband to keep your hands dry or protect your shins during rope climb. They are a small, inexpensive piece of gear to have in your bag!

Knee Sleeves

Much like wrist wraps, knee sleeves help support and keep your knees warm during movements that require a lot of knee flexion like squats, lunges, and box jumps. They can also add a little performance bump too! Rogue Fitness also offers a quality pair of knee sleeves. We recommend a medium thickness of 5mm for CrossFit.

If you need some more inspiration for your holiday wish list. Check out what our coaches are asking for!

Garmin Watch - Coach Sam

I hope Santa brings a Garmin running watch! I would love to have it as a tool to track and improve my running in the New Year.

Kuat Bike Rack - Coach Tia

I would love a Kuat bike rack and tubeless tires with carbon rims! I’m looking to cycle more next season and get faster. A bike rack will make transport easier, tubeless tires will decrease my risk of flats, and carbon rims will make my bike lighter. I can’t wait to be so speedy over 112 miles!

Sling Shot Knee Sleeves - Coach Justin

I'm hoping Santa brings a new pair of Sling Shot knee sleeves. I've had a pair for the last 4 years and they've been super durable. They offer great support and comfort if I wear them during a strength session and in a workout.

TYR L-1 Lifters - Coach Mia

I would love a new pair of TYR lifters for olympic weightlifting. I’ve been wanting to try them and have heard good things from the members that have them. I love a wide toe box for stability!

Whoop - Coach Heidi

I’m hoping for another year subscription to Whoop, and I’d like some different colored straps to go with it. I have had my Whoop for 3 years now and have found value in the data on recovery and sleep. Whoop continues to offer more information which I find valuable in my health and fitness.

What's on your wish list? Let us know in the comments!

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