Push Your Limits With Strength & Conditioning rooted in crossfit methodology

What Our Fitness Classes Look Like

Each of our classes starts with a comprehensive warm-up and movement prep for the strength work and conditioning piece that day. After the coach lead warm-up, athletes move to the strength or skill work portion of the day, which works to develop your strength either with the barbell bodyweight strength, or skill work. Following the strength section, you’ll move to the workout of the day, a combination of functional fitness movements and high-intensity interval training. After the workout, you’ll finish out the class with accessory work and mobility to further strengthen your movement patterns.

What Kind Of Movements Do We Use In Our Fitness Classes

Kettlebell Swings




Rowing, Running, & Biking

Pull-ups & Push-ups

Basic Weightlifting & Strength

Olympic Weightlifting

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Fitness FAQs

How Long Are Your Fitness Classes?

Our fitness classes are 60 minutes long and include a warm-up, strength, workout, and accessory work. To ensure that our classes are Covid friendly, we give a full 90 minute block to allow for cleaning and sanitization between classes.

I have certain physical limitations. Can I still take your fitness classes?

Absolutely! All of the movements in our classes are scalable and adaptable to every level. Our team of expert coaches will work with you to ensure a fun and safe experience.

How many people are allowed in each class?

To comply with Covid policies and to keep everyone safe, we cap our classes. This ensures that everyone has adaquate space for social distancing.

How do I sign up for class?

Once you have activated your membership, you can sign up for class using the MindBody app.

I’m not in Boston, can I still follow your programming?

If you’d like to follow along online, you can visit our online programming tab to learn more. You can also take classes via our Zoom channel, where we offer online classes during the weekdays.

Can I see what your workouts look like?

You can download a week of sample programming by filling out the form above.