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  • All of our memberships are unlimited.  This means that you are allowed to take one class per day, seven days per week.  With over 230 classes offered per week, our unlimited membership allows our athletes to mix up their workouts and participate in some of our specialty classes to help with recovery and to build up strength and skills.
  • Here at Invictus Boston, we do not believe in long-term contracts.  We want our members to be here because they enjoy being with us, not because they are stuck in a long-term contract.  After your initial 90-day contract with us, your membership switches to a month-to-month contract.  We allow the flexibility of being billed on the first of each month or the 15th of each month, and we accept all credit cards.


  • Invictus Boston provides the most robust class schedule than any other gym in Boston.  We offer over 180 classes per week and are open seven days a week.  During our prime-time hours, we run four classes per hour in our four studios, two at our Back Bay Location and two at our South End Location.  Members are allowed to take classes at any location.
  • Members can schedule classes up to two weeks in advance, and can easily schedule classes via their smartphone.
Small Group Training

Small Group Training

  • “Safety, Technique, and Intensity” is one of the mantras we follow, with safety being our number one concern. Given this principal, we cap our classes at 12-14 athletes per class. This allows our coaches to effectively instruct each athlete in a safe and supportive manner. If you are new with us, expect to receive close attention from our coaching staff. The small class sizes give our team the ability to speak with each individual as we get to know everyone on a first-name basis and help everyone progress toward his or her fitness goals.
Elite Coaching Staff

Elite Coaching Staff

  • All of our expert head coaches are full-time, salaried employees. Our mission is to provide our staff with top salaries and benefits so they can focus their energy on continuous training, education, and providing an elite level of coaching to our members. When our coaches are not teaching classes, you will find them at the gym meeting with members, spending one-on-one time with athletes, running community events, training, and competing.
  • In addition to our full-time staff, we have an extraordinary group of part-time coaches who also perform at the highest level for our members.


  • Locker Rooms
    • Six locker rooms
    • Twenty-six showers with spa-quality soap, shampoo, and conditioner
    • Complimentary hotel-quality towel service
    • Hair dryers, hair irons, razors, and other bath amenities
    • Daily-use lockers
    • Monthly rental lockers
  • Retail Store
    • Variety of beverages, coffee, and water
    • Protein bars, snack bars, fruit packs, and other snacks
    • Protein and supplements
    • Custom apparel shirts, tank tops, and hoodies
    • Convenience items: socks, sports bras, athletic tape
    • Meal Service: Meals delivered on site via Fresh Meal Plan
Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

  • On-site Spine & Sports Injury Center (
    • Functional Movement Screenings
    • Diversified Chiropractic Care
    • Active Release Therapy
    • Graston Therapy
    • Active Isolate Stretching
    • ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance)
    • Class IV Laser Deep Tissue Therapy
    • Fascial Manipulation
    • Foundation Training


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