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What Our Endurance Classes Look Like

Each endurance class starts with a warm-up paired with movement prep to help prime your body for the workout of the day. After the group warm-up, the coach leads the class through a longer, cardio-based workout. Programmed by our world-class programming committee, these workouts are specifically designed to complement our fitness program and build your aerobic capacity. We use bikes, rowers, kettlebells, running, and more to put together fun and exciting workouts that take up the majority of the hour-long class. 

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Endurance FAQs

How long are your endurance classes?

Most of our endurance classes are 60 minutes long. However, every Saturday, we offer a 90-minute endurance class, which gives our athletes more time for a longer workout.

I’m a runner, is this program right for me?

Absolutely! We have a number of runners, including Boston Marathon finishers who have used our endurance program to supplement their training. Getting off your feet and switching up your training a few times a week has been shown to have numerous benefits towards improving your times and overall health.

How many people are allowed in each class?

To comply with Covid policies and to keep everyone safe, we cap our classes. This ensures that everyone has adaquate space for social distancing.

What’s the difference between your endurance program and other bootcamp or spin classes?

Our endurance program uses a wide variety of unique equipment and movements to make each and every workout a new, fun, and exciting experience. Unlike spin, we incorporate rowers and running as well as bikes.