Strength Meets Sweat In The Invictus Boston Strength Program

What Our Strength Classes Look Like

Our powerlifting program is designed to help you develop your foundational strength that will translate to all other elements of functional fitness. In this program, we focus on the bench press, deadlift, and back squat as well as a variety of accessory movements. Our powerlifting class is 60 minutes long and each section is timed to make sure you keep moving through the entire 60 minutes. It’s strength meets sweat at its finest.

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STrength FAQs

I’ve never lifted before, is this program for me?

Absolutely! Our strength program is developed for all levels of lifters whether it’s your first time on the platform or you’re a seasoned athlete, this class will get you stronger.

Can I take strength and fitness classes?

Yes. Your InTouch coach will work with you to help you develop a schedule that works within your fitness routine to help get you the best results possible.

Do I need lifting shoes or special equipment for this class?

While our athletes are never discouraged from wearing lifting shoes, the only things you need for this class are a pair of sneakers, athletic clothing, and a good attitude!

Will I get “big”?

If you are participating in our strength program, you will certainly find your body getting more toned and muscular, but you will certainly not get “big” like the elite athletes you see on television and in the Olympics. These athletes dedicate their lives to this sport, and focus intensely on their training as well as their nutrition with the goal of performance over aesthetics.