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How Much Does a Gym Membership Cost?

Updated: May 10

A member lifts a barbell.

Embarking on a fitness journey often begins with a decision: where to work out? The plethora of options can be overwhelming, ranging from budget-friendly gyms to high-end fitness clubs. While our membership prices lean towards the higher end (our unlimited membership is $289/month), it's crucial to recognize that not all memberships are created equal. It's important to consider the environment that will drive fitness results for you. After all, your goal isn't just to buy a gym membership; it's to achieve the health and fitness results you want!

Big Box Gym Chains

Big Box Gym Chains are likely the first gyms you might encounter in the fitness world. They offer access to a wide variety of traditional strength and cardio equipment, similar to Big Box Gyms, some group fitness classes, and nice amenities. Gyms like Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, and your local YMCA fall under this category. Priced more affordably (generally $50-$100/month), they're great for individuals who are familiar with traditional strength, bodybuilding, and cardio routines and can craft their own workouts. These gyms can be great for budget-conscious beginners if you have someone who can lend you a helping hand. If you're new to fitness, we recommend joining with a friend who has some experience and can show you the ropes.

Premium Fitness Clubs

Premium Fitness Clubs are a step above Big Box Gym Chains. Clubs like LifeTime Fitness, Equinox, and The Lynx fall into this category. They offer access to strength and cardio equipment similar to Big Box Gyms, along with some group fitness classes and luxurious facilities. Their base packages range from $200-$300/month, with options for additional amenities. If you need guidance, these gyms provide personal trainers for $100-$150/hour. Much like Big Box Gyms, they're suitable for individuals experienced in strength and conditioning who can design their own workouts. Alternatively, they offer a few group fitness classes like yoga, HIIT, and Tabata, where you can follow a routine demonstrated by an instructor. These classes tend to be more social, as they often host community events and gatherings to connect members.

Specialized Boutique Gyms

Specialized Boutique Gyms tend to be small, hyper-focused on a specific style of exercise, and delivered in a group class setting. Examples include Orange Theory, Barry's, cycling, yoga, barre, and pilates studios. These gyms offer classes at $200-$300/month or $20-$35/class. The class environment eliminates the need to craft your own workout, and the energy of the class can be motivating. Because of their larger class sizes (20-40 people), they are a good option if you can pick things up by following along. While you'll receive demonstrations of movements from instructors, you won't get personalized feedback and coaching. Boutique Gyms typically offer one or two types of classes.

Our Gym

Our gym isn't for everyone, and, as previously mentioned, it tends to be on the higher end of the membership cost spectrum. However, we believe it's the most effective membership for delivering the fitness results you're looking for. Why? It comes down to three things: coaching, variety, and community. In our 12+ years of business, we've identified three hurdles that prevent people from achieving their fitness goals:

  • They don't know where to begin and what to do.

  • Their routine lacks enough variety to keep things interesting.

  • They don't surround themselves with fitness-oriented individuals.

We've chosen the small-group class offering because we believe it's the best way to address all three of these hurdles simultaneously. First, you don't have to make a lot of decisions about your workout; you just have to walk in the door. Instead of having to decide on a workout, craft a warm-up, teach yourself movements, and find motivation, our coaches guide you through class, providing personalized feedback along the way, much like having a personal trainer. Second, we offer four programs to choose from, and our workouts change every day. Whether you're trying to get stronger, training for a triathlon, or just looking to stay in shape, we have a class that will help you reach your goal while keeping things fresh. Finally, our community is like none other. While you've probably heard similar claims from other gyms, we have to boast here: ours is exceptionally welcoming! Since classes are capped at 12-15 individuals, it's easy to connect with others. Our members frequently socialize outside the gym, attending local events, hosting book clubs, playing pickleball, and more. They're a diverse group open to welcoming others because they've been in your shoes before. We personally believe it's the most valuable thing we offer, but it's a bit hard to put into words sometimes. The only way to truly understand how helpful it is to surround yourself with friends with similar goals is to experience it yourself.

What next?

Finding the right gym membership can significantly impact your fitness journey. From budget-friendly options to premium clubs, each offers unique benefits suited to different preferences and needs. However, if you're seeking a membership that prioritizes coaching, variety, and community, we invite you to experience our gym firsthand.

As a token of our confidence in the effectiveness of our approach, we're delighted to offer you a complimentary trial class at our gym. Come witness the supportive atmosphere, personalized guidance from our experienced coaches, and the camaraderie of our vibrant community. Take the first step towards achieving your fitness goals by joining us for a trial class today.

You can book your free trial class at one of our three Boston locations here. We look forward to welcoming you to our gym and supporting you on your path to a healthier, happier you!

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