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Invictus Boston Summer (New)trition Challenge

"I wish someone would hold me accountable on the nutrition front."

"I'm sick of constantly dieting. I just want to know how to intuitively eat."

"I want someone I trust to give me nutrition advice."

If any of these sound like you then you'll get A LOT of value out of the Invictus Boston Summer Nutrition Challenge. We are kicking off the challenge on May 15th, it will run for 100 days, and it's open to both members and non-members. Here are the details.👇

Who is this for?

This program is for everyone who wants to stop dieting, live with food freedom (zero restrictions), and learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives! Members + nonmembers alike can participate - this program is run entirely online and thus is open to those in or outside of Boston!

What does the challenge entail?

3 phases to make changes that actually last:

  • Phase 1: 28-Day Jumpstart

    • In just 4 weeks we'll focus on resetting your metabolism with balanced, clean eating; re-syncing your habits, mindset, and lifestyle around food, and restoring your digestion, hormones, and body

  • Phase 2: Making It Stick

    • Take the plunge and make your new habits part of who you are! Reflect on where it's working, evolve those parts that need a little extra help, and create an integrated lifestyle full of beneficial food, exercise, and systems.

      • Integrate what you’ve learned into your daily practice

      • Reflect on your wellness journey and your long-term health goals

      • Evolve your understanding of food, “being healthy,” and the systems needed for sustainable results when life throws a curveball

  • Phase 3: Becoming Your Own Nutrition Boss

    • You're in the driver's seat! Reflect on how food impacts your life. Dive deep into understanding yourself—mindset and lifestyle included—so that you can direct your path forward to forever win with your health.

      • Decide what promises you’re going to make and keep without relying on motivation

      • Achieve consistency through daily routines

      • Cultivate a deeper understanding of your body and mind for complete transformation into a healthy lifestyle

You'll also receive exclusive access to your own nutrition portal with daily prompts, lectures, and an abundance of educational resources.

You don't have to go it alone. Throughout the 100 Days, you'll receive constant support from Coach Sarah and the community of others participating in the program.

How much does it cost?

$119 for members (only $40/ month)

$249 for nonmembers

*Any friends or family referred to the program by members receive a 15% discount for the friend and the member that referred them!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Does this challenge include any restrictions?

A: There will be a 2-week elimination period in the 28-Day Jumpstart that allows participants to discover food sensitivities, but all foods can be reintegrated after the 2 weeks!

Q: Can I still drink alcohol and eat sugar?

A: Yes!! You'll learn how to still enjoy those foods that you want while understanding how to balance these with foods that make you feel your best. Remember, this is about building habits not dieting!

Q: Why should I join this program when summer's coming??? I want to have fun this summer!!

A: The 28-day Jumpstart aligns perfectly with prepping for summer by resetting your metabolism before summer really even starts. You then have the entire summer to integrate new habits that allow you to enjoy beverages and treats while feeling your best!

Still on the fence? Hear from your fellow members.👇

"The nutrition challenge was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made this year… having a community and a coach to have my back really made a huge difference in my life... I was quickly able to see increased performance in the gym and changes in my body composition. Eating in accordance with the challenge is not a diet, but something that I want to do; something that’s easy and routine."

-Mike Amaonye

“The nutrition challenge changed my life. I feel better, eat better, and have more energy. It’s not about crash dieting, removing sugar, sweets, alcohol — rather it’s a lifestyle change. Super simple and easy to follow, a great way to jumpstart that summer bod, and you look great in the process 😉”

-Madeleine Guttuso

Ready to sign up?

Invictus Boston members - sign up here!

Non-members - sign up here!

For any other questions, contact!

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