Building a high-level competition team takes dedication, experience, and a peak level of skill and commitment. In these 90-minute training sessions, our coaching staff will step up the pace to maximize your performance. During this class, athletes will complete multiple workouts that mimic CrossFit competition formats. The goal of this program is to prepare athletes to compete in the annual CrossFit Opens, with the intent of reaching the CrossFit Regionals and possibly the CrossFit Games.

This class requires pre-screening before participating, as it is considered a high-level class with certain requirements and time commitments.

Each competitor will be required to follow the competitor programming and post their results. Beyond the programming, competitors get better by actually competing. Whether that is in team events, individuals, or at the Open, competition can bring out your best, and we are programming to get you at your peak for the Open. If you agree to these requirements and can meet the standards, you can inquire about potentially joining this program.

“My goal is to maximize the mental and physical strength of our competitive athletes.
Joshua Plosker, Co-founder / Owner


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