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Give Us An Hour A Day and we'll give you the best shape of your life

At Invictus Boston, our top priority is YOU. We understand that fitness is more than just working out - it's about finding a supportive community that helps you thrive. That's why we're dedicated to providing an inclusive and exciting environment where you can achieve your fitness goals. Our world-class coaches are passionate about helping you succeed and will work with you every step of the way. Join us and discover the power of community and personalized fitness coaching to help you become your best self.


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3 locations in the

heart of boston

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Invictus Back Bay

Our Back Bay location is broken up into 2 locations. One just steps from the Back Bay T stop and another next to the Arlington T stop.

Invictus Fenway

Located on Brookline Avenue right in the shadow of Fenway Park, our Fenway location is just steps from Kenmore Square. 

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The Invictus Boston Coaching Staff is a team of full-time fitness professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. They come from all over the United States and have a wide variety of backgrounds, from functional fitness to gymnastics to weightlifting and more. Each coach on our full-time staff works tirelessly with our members to help push them to achieve their goals. Learn more about our coaches below.

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Explore Four unique programs


Our CrossFit classes are high-intensity, small-group classes designed to help our members lose weight, gain strength, and develop cardiovascular health.


Our strength program is designed to teach both beginners and experienced athletes the foundational principles of strength training in a controlled setting, with coaching focused on attention to detail.


Our endurance program focuses on speed, pacing, and agility. Designed to improve cardiovascular performance through sustained workouts combined with high intensity interval training, this program is great for everyone.


Our Gymnastics program is a bodyweight strength program designed to build upper-body and core strength. It’s not only a great class for beginners to learn the foundations of movement but also a great option for athletes to increase strength.

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