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5 CrossFit Workouts You Can Do On The Road

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Have some upcoming travel? Here are five bodyweight or minimal equipment CrossFit workouts you can hit during your next vacation/work trip/weekend getaway or at home!

The Hotel Room Workout

AMRAP 20-Min


-10 Push-Ups

-15 Air Squats

*This one can easily be done in a hotel room with minimal warm-up.

*Scale the push-ups to knee push-ups if you are still working on a full push-up.

The Outdoor Workout

For Time

4 Minute Run

100 Air Squats

50 Push-Ups

25 Burpees

4 Minute Run

*This will make for a great beach/outdoor workout if you don't want to be stuck inside.

*Scale the push-ups to knee push-ups if you are still working on a full push-up.

The One Dumbbell Workout

12 Min AMRAP

-4 Dumbbell Snatches

-4 Burpees Over The Dumbbell

-4 Renegade Rows (2/Side)

*Use this one on that road trip where you can only fit a dumbbell in the car.

*Also works great in a hotel gym with sparse equipment.

The Two Dumbbell Workout

15 Min AMRAP

-10 Dumbbell Thrusters

-15 Dumbbell Deadlifts

-30 Mountain Climbers (15/Side)

*This one is great for that hotel gym that just has a rack of dumbbells and some yoga mats.

*Pick dumbbell weights that allow you to go unbroken on the first several rounds.

The Dumbbell Strength Workout

For The Pump

3 Rounds As A Circuit

-Goblet Squat, 12-15 Reps

-Single-Arm Dumbbell Row, 10-12 Reps/Arm

-Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift, 10-12 Reps/Leg

3 Rounds As A Circuit

-Single-Arm Dumbbell Press, 3-8 Reps/Arm

-Plank, 40-60 Second Hold

-Dumbbell Side Bends, 10-12/Side

-Russian Twists, 10-15/Side

*Find weights that are challenging but allow you to finish all but the last set!

Interested in learning these movements? We can help! If you'd like to try a class at one of our three locations, click "free trial" in the top right of the screen here to get signed up for your first class.

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