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How Do I Drop Into A CrossFit Gym?

Invictus member entering the gym via the stairs.

Get your fitness in on the road!💪

If you find yourself traveling this holiday season, we HIGHLY recommend dropping into a local CrossFit gym. On top of maintaining your fitness, dropping into a local gym can help you connect with your local community and liven up your fitness journey. It a pretty common practice in the space and we usually host around 100 drop-ins per month! Here are some recommendations for dropping into another CrossFit gym.

What is a Drop-In?

A drop-in is a visit to another CrossFit gym for a class! CrossFit has over 15,000 affiliates like ours and if you're traveling to a major city, you're likely to find a CrossFit gym. Each one is slightly different and has its own personality, but you will often find they feel just like your home gym!

How do you find a gym?

A simple Google search in your area will help you find local gyms and help you read reviews on those gyms. You can also visit for a complete list of them. We also recommend visiting the gym website and Facebook or Instagram page to get a sense of the gym before signing up.

How do I sign up?

Most gyms will allow you to sign up for a drop-in on their website. If not, contact the gym several days ahead of time to ask for more information about their drop-in policy. Drop-in classes usually cost around 15-30$. 

Anything else I should know?

We recommend showing up early to get oriented and introduced to the coach. Say hi to other members and listen respectfully in class. Dive into their workout for the day. You might just experience a type of workout you've never done before. If you had a great experience, leave a positive review! These go a long way for a gym.

If you are a member and end up dropping into a gym this holiday season, post a story on social media and tag us! We love to see our members dropping into other gyms.

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