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(NEW)trition Challenge begins January 21st.

Our last challenge was such a success we're bringing back another nutrition challenge and going BIGGER.

What does the program look like? With this challenge, we’re building a community! Expect an in-person kick-off on Saturday, January 21st with a virtual launch on Monday, January 23rd. This challenge will include three months of nutrition guidelines and coaching.

  • Month 1: 28-day reset (more details below)

  • Month 2: Focus on implementing what we’ve learned into our everyday lives

  • Month 3: Introduce a new nutrition concept on top of the habits we just built. This cycle we will focus on digestion.

What does the 28-day reset look like?

  • Week 1: Set up, shopping, prepping, and planning; learning about inflammatory foods and understanding WHY we temporarily remove these foods to stabilize blood sugar.

  • Weeks 2 & 3: Temporarily remove the inflammatory foods to reset the body and see which foods affect us the most. We will focus on understanding nutritional guidelines, food lists, meal cadence, and portion sizes.

  • Week 4: Add back in the foods we took out and discuss what's next, making it a lifestyle, and how to incorporate these changes sustainably.

What did people think of the last Nutrition Challenge?

"The knowledge, impact, and results I achieved after going through Sarah's nutrition program were nothing short of mind blowing. My journey with food has always been a struggle to find the right balance between eating to train vs. to tighten vs. to live/enjoy. Sarah spent significant time coaching me on the underlying impact certain food has on my body, and was a consistent and sounding board to help me navigate throughout the month. Ultimately, I lost a net 2% body fat, gained 3 pounds of muscle, hit PR's, and leaned out. I was shocked. All while, I had WAY more flexibility to eat what I wanted because of the knowledge I gained. I highly recommend this program to anyone regardless of their goals, as Sarah is a wealth of knowledge, a great coach, and dials in a specific plan for each person!"

-Andrew Blomquist

This program is open to both members AND non-members. The cost is 119$ for members (~40$/month) and 250$ for non-members (~84$/month) Space is limited so visit these links to register!

Email if you have any questions!

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