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Invictus Boston Fall (New)trition Challenge

"I wish someone would hold me accountable on the nutrition front."

"I'm sick of constantly dieting. I just want to know how to intuitively eat."

"I want someone I trust to give me nutrition advice."

If any of these sound like you then you'll get A LOT of value out of the Invictus Boston Fall Nutrition Challenge. We are kicking off the challenge on October 23rd, it will run until November 19th, and it's only open to members. Here are the details.👇

Who is this for?

Everyone! Nutrition should be accessible to everyone regardless of what life looks like. This challenge is all about simple, manageable steps that lead to a healthier life and fuel your performance in the gym.

What does the challenge entail?

  • An InBody test before & after the challenge

  • Daily food logging (not mandatory) & point tracking

  • Advice on how to transition post-challenge

You don't have to go it alone. Throughout the month, you'll receive support from Coach Sarah and the community of others participating in the program.

How much does it cost?

45$ for the month!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Are there limitations/ rules as to what I can and can’t eat?

A: There are guidelines as to general portion sizes to adhere to with food lists to pull from as well! We generally want to stick to these food lists to optimize challenge results BUT I understand that we’re all human and have lives:) Participants get 1 ‘fck it’ meal a week where they can go off plan to accommodate for events, kids, work, etc.

Still on the fence? Hear from your fellow members.👇

"The nutrition challenge was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made this year… having a community and a coach to have my back really made a huge difference in my life... I was quickly able to see increased performance in the gym and changes in my body composition. Eating in accordance with the challenge is not a diet, but something that I want to do; something that’s easy and routine."

-Mike Amaonye

“The nutrition challenge changed my life. I feel better, eat better, and have more energy. It’s not about crash dieting, removing sugar, sweets, alcohol — rather it’s a lifestyle change. Super simple and easy to follow, a great way to jumpstart that summer bod, and you look great in the process 😉”

-Madeleine Guttuso

Ready to sign up?

Fenway members - sign up here!

Back Bay members - sign up here!

*Scroll down to the bottom of the Memberships module.

For any other questions, contact!

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