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What's In Our Gym Bag?

We often get asked, what kind of equipment do you need to bring to your first class at Invictus Boston. The simple answer is, of course, nothing but a good attitude and a pair of sneakers. But we know that a few pieces of simple equipment can help to take your fitness to the next level.


While you don’t have to go out and buy weightlifting shoes for your first day of class, it’s helpful to have flat-soled shoes that will help you move much easier through movements such as squats. While everyone’s feet are different and you may have to try on a few brands before you find your perfect fit, here are some popular training shoes that our members love:

These shoes are all great starter shoes to get you used to wearing flat-soled shoes and are a great transitional shoe to a full weightlifting shoe.


If you’ve ever taken one of our gymnastics classes, you know that your hands can sometimes get sore from all the swinging on the bar. Grips can not only help you hang on the bar longer, but can keep your hands from ripping or getting sore. Our favorite grips are from our friends at Victory Grips and come in tons of different styles to fit all different kinds of hands.

For beginners, we recommend the three-finger X2 or leather grips.

Click here to watch a video on how to use Victory Grips in your workouts.

While we believe in building a good foundation of fitness and nutrition, supplements can definitely help when used appropriately. We love Thorne’s aminos to help trigger the recovery process post-workout. Invictus Boston members and Invictus Boston Nutrition members can also receive a discount. Click here to learn more.

A protein shake is the perfect way to get some protein in right after a workout without having to carry a full meal in your gym bag. The Ascent Singles are also a great way to not have to carry a huge bag of protein around with you. Our favorite flavor? The chocolate ones of course! You can find Ascent Singles at all of our locations as well as one their website here.

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to take a rest day, but Whoop takes care of that for us. Using cutting edge technology, Whoop uses data from your own body to tell you when it's time to slow down. All in all, Whoop is our favorite recovery tool and our members who used Whoop reported better sleeping and overall recovery habits.

Of course, there’s no need to keep all of these in your gym bag. These are just a few things we recommend to get you started. Want to get started with us? Click here to book your free trial.

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